“With any questions that we have we experience quick, accurate responses that have enabled us to build a lasting partnership for the betterment of our operation and our overall care.”

Sean Hill – Administrator - Ensign Group
Santa Rosa “Excellent! Very dependable, customer service staff is very cheerful and cooperative.”

Jim Myesha – Plant Director - Santa Rosa
“It has been our pleasure, at Windsor Healthcare, to have partnered with Interactive Medical Systems for many years.When you partner with IMS to provide for your respiratory needs, you can feel secure that you will not only have everything you need but will also get the very best in customer service. Dan and his team make customer satisfaction their number one priority. They truly work with you to make sure your residents have the respiratory equipment they need at the lowest cost possible. It is just great to know that with all the things you have to be concerned about in LTC, when you partner with IMS, respiratory services is not one of them. "

Faye Bourbeau - Director of Sourcing - Windsor Healthcare