We have developed a comprehensive menu of services. Our Customers love our equipment tracking, third party billing for Medicaid residents and month-end billing summaries. Lastly, if you are considering opening a new ventilator unit our comprehensive ventilator program is currently setting the standard for ventilator care in long-term care.

Interactive Medical Systems offers the following services;


·    Equipment utilization reports

·    Equipment tracking

·    Preventative maintenance management 

·   Ventilator development and planning program


·   Electronic billing – DSSI

·   Patient specific billing

·   Medicaid Program - Eligible states (CA, CO and WA)

·   Month-end summary bill – Easy to read summary

Respiratory Services

·   CPAP/BiBAP set-up and support

·   50 PSI Trach set-up – Cool/Heated Mist

·   Tracheostomy – Cleaning and Tube replacement

·   Respiratory equipment in-servicing